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Evolution of our dream

Lifestyle Pacific and Lifestyle Solution are companies born out of the vision by directors and locals who want to leave a distinguishing legacy for the people of the Pacific in housing, health, and the environment. Working over many years in Fiji and the Solomon’s we have establish the first display village in Nadi, employing and training locals in the construction of our homes.
We have established our companies, investing our own capital, to prove to the Government and the community that we are an establishment built around trust and respect.
Our building system that we are applying to our developments has a twenty five year history, and has built and supplied materials to over 50,000 projects throughout the world.
The system withstood the strongest cyclone to hit the world in 2013 in the Philippines with winds up to 380 km.
Our companies have introduced this system into Fiji with the building of our display village.
The display village consists of three homes, one three bedroom, one two bedroom, and one container home with two bedrooms.
The two homes took five months to build using local labour who were trained by experienced technical advisers, bought in especially for this training.

Below are some positive elements to our system.

  • High quality durable finish.
  • Fast and clean method of building
  • Build times reduced by up to 50%
  • Reduced requirements for skilled labour
  • Eliminates time consuming site practices
  • Wet trades eliminated
  • Minimal wastage
  • Straight to finish internal and external walls.
  • No specialized equipment required to adapt and use.
  • Light simple and easy to install.
  • Minimal use of scaffolding.
  • Plumbing electrical fixed completed prior to concrete pour
  • Adsorbs noise.
  • Sound transmission.
  • Thermal insulating.
  • Load bearing
  • Multi-storey construction.
  • Spacers, 100% recycled hold re-bars in correct position, no time consuming rebar tie wires.
  • Complies with Euro, British, Irish, American and Australian Building Code
  • Cyclone rated.
  • Ideal for school construction, cannot damage, also school halls.
  • Can adapt to shelter from cyclone.
  • Termite free
  • Cannot burn.
  • Just hose out if water invades, no damage to walls.
  • We will build to your design
  • To obtain more information on the structure go too; www.ecotechsynergz.com

Other items our company is offering.

  • Introduction to banking facilities through ANZ
  • Introduction to insurance through Tower Insurance.
  • Introduction to our full team of consultants.
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Quantity Surveyors.
  • Landscape design and constructed.
  • Introduction to our full team of trades.

We are also offering a furniture package, which includes outdoor furniture.

Also offering 7 years guarantee on homes regarding structure.

The finish and detail to all our homes will be to the quality of our display homes, and into the future that of our treasured clients.

Our aim into the future is to employ as many locals as possible, and to source all materials possible from internal means. We will also be introducing environmentally friendly sewerage, water, and energy systems to ensure an end product of outstanding quality.

Meet Our Agents

Our Best Agents

Leanne Polwarth

Manager Marketing and Sales for Lifestyle Pacific

Susan Pritchard

Managing Director - Island Home Fiji